Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre

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Support for families 

Support for families


Supporting families worldwide

At the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre (CBTRC) we’re dedicated to improving the lives of young brain tumour sufferers and their families worldwide. Through extensive research and development we are:

  • establishing new treatments
  • improving survival rates

We work with lots of children’s cancer research organisations around the world to make sure we’re improving our knowledge of the disease every day.

Families at the Centre

Many of the families visiting the centre seek comfort in knowing other families around them are sharing the same difficulties and emotions. The centre acts as a focal point, a place where they can talk about their problems and be understood.

Childhood brain tumours

Childhood brain tumours are linked to the process of growth and development of the brain, while those in adults are usually linked to ageing or environmental factors. The cause of most brain tumours is still unknown, however we’re looking for clues in both environmental and genetic factors.