Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre

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Adult Brain Tumours

Improved treatments for adults with brain tumours are desperately needed. 10,000 adults are diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK every year – that’s around 30 every single day. Brain tumours reduce life expectancy by 20 years on average, which is the highest of any cancer.

Brain tumours have a complex biology and we need sophisticated tools to tackle these in the delicate brain environment without harming healthy areas. This is a major challenge and our researchers who work closely with their colleagues in patient-focused clinical roles to provide the best treatments and optimum outcomes for patients.

To meet this challenge, Adult Brian Tumour Research at Nottingham a multidisciplinary programme linking laboratory based science, to personalised surgery and medicines. The team has growing expertise in the field of glioblastoma brain tumours.

This area of research is led by Dr Stuart Smith (Clinical Associate Professor Neurosurgery) and Dr Ruman Rahman (Associate Professor of Molecular Neuro-Oncology). They are currently addressing research questions connected to neurodevelopment, tumour biology, the application of novel imaging techniques and the optimisation of drug delivery to the central nervous system.

For more information, see the Gliblastoma section on the Molecular Neuro-Oncology page