Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre

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About us 

About us


Pioneering a brighter future

Our team

Established in 1997, the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre brings together a multi-disciplinary team of leading healthcare professionals and researchers ─ all experts in their fields, and all committed to improving our understanding of childhood brain tumours.

Our team of experts draw on a huge range of experience in:

  • paediatrics
  • neurosciences
  • oncology
  • imaging
  • pharmaceutical sciences
  • cellular genetics

Their findings guide national and international developments in brain tumour research and clinical practice, leading to new methods of research to help find a cure, whilst minimising the risk of disability.

Your donations and our research

We use every penny donated to triple our research funding, by attracting further external grants. And because people are at the heart of everything we do, our money is invested in:

  • the latest, cutting-edge equipment
  • making sure we have the best possible people in place

It’s our people who enable us to propel our research capability forward, while continuing to deliver groundbreaking results for patients and their families.

From the moment a patient realises something is wrong, through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, our research is there guiding and informing the work of healthcare professionals to bring new hope to brave young children.

Charitable status 

The University of Nottingham has charitable status under the Education Act 1948 (Inland Revenue File No. X15294). The Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre is a charitable appeal undertaken by the University

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